Hello all!  I fell off the face of the blogging planet earth… but I’m back and am really excited to share with you my recent trip to Seattle!  Yes, I am aware the last few posts have been all about travel.  What can I say, I have been bitten by the wanderlust bug!

Last weekend, three generations went to Seattle to cheer on my little cousin’s concert.  It was such an amazing experience!

The second day of our trip, two members of our party fell sick.  While we sent them our healing thoughts, the family departed on a day’s worth of adventure.  My dad, brother, cousins, and I decided to kick off the day with mini golfing.  Did I do very good?  No.  Did I have lots of fun?  Absolutely.  I always try to find beauty wherever I go.  For some odd reason, I found so much beauty on this mini golf course.  HA!  From the blooming flowers (that I knocked my golf ball into) to the little waterfall to the duck swimming by to the view of the hustling and bustling city.  I think everyone should always be searching for beauty, no matter where they are.

After mini golf, we all went to a restaurant right on the water.  I mean, it was beautiful!  I loved taking in the scenery of bright blue Puget Sound and the boats waiting to be taken out for a ride.  And the food was delicious!

 We then went to the Space Needle.  Or shall I say, we tried to go to the Space Needle.  We were in line to get our tickets when we learned we had to leave in order to get my cousin to her choir practice in time.  “Oh well!  Just another excuse to come to Seattle soon,” I thought to myself.

We got to the concert venue a bit early, so my family and I walked down to a cute bakery at the corner of a busy street.  All of the pastries in the case made my mouth water and the cookies were the size of my face.  No joke.

 There was so much love and happiness in the concert hall.  I especially loved when all the choirs sang together.  One song made the audience dance and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!  Here were hundreds of strangers all doing the same dance!

After the concert, we went to get celebratory pizza at Zeeks Pizza AKA the best pizza ever.  I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased.  I mean, my uncle does own these restaurants.  But if you are ever in Seattle and are craving a gourmet slice, Zeeks is the way to go.

My family and I then checked in at a hotel that was steps away from Pike Place Market.  It was only my second time visiting this part of Seattle and it was so gorgeous!  Like seriously, I fell in love with it.  The next day, we were able to walk around the market before heading home.  So magical!

If you read this entire post, you’re the best!  It was a long one.  If you have any topics or ideas you want me to share my two cents on, comment them down below!  I’d love to hear them!  Bye for now!

xoxo, maya32D21EE2-06E6-42EB-97EF-5E7A5B4FDD1BD5E6FC44-96B0-4403-9A76-D99670566E540E7C5B4E-C727-49C4-8EE0-FF4F4F556256C7F5D185-16EB-4488-BEF3-1090239555B04F0954DA-C4F9-48CF-ACA8-AF23C2FDF68B

8 Replies to “Seattle.”

  1. Oh, you brought me back to several of my favorite memories of Seattle! I need a trip there soon! I can’t wait to see what you share next! I get lost in your words as if I am actually experiencing it too! The photo of the tulips and daffodils spoke to me! They are my favorite flowers!

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