Hello everyone!  A few weeks ago, my family, friends, and I went to Idaho to ski!  It was such an amazing experience.  I have never skied before, and it was sure a challenge!  I am really grateful to have learned how to ski; hopefully more skiing will be in my future! We skied on Brundage Mountain and it was beautiful!  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really focusing on the scenery, I was more concerned with running into a bunch of snowboarders.   I loved how present you have to be when skiing.  In a world filled with distraction, I felt so much peace on the mountain!

We didn’t just ski on this trip!  I loved spending time with the other family we went with. I have known them for nine years and it is always so much fun making new memories.   My favorite memory from the trip was sledding in McCall.  There was a lot of bumps on the sled hill, which made for one exciting ride!  Even though I didn’t spend much time exploring the town of McCall itself, I could still see how charming it was!

I hope you have an inspired day!

xoxo, maya A68CC473-D4FD-4DFC-8D0B-08ED9D9B697F5B8DAF36-4B1F-4CF9-A7C5-38EECBE168304F4483BD-9761-4A4C-8665-AD22229B4756

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