Hello!  Happy Monday.  Today, brace yourselves for pictures of tulips.  And tulips.  And more tulips.  I had so much fun visiting a tulip farm a few weeks ago, and I hope you’ll have just as much fun reading this post!  I got to take my grandma who braved a plane ride across the country to see the tulips, and that was such a wonderful experience.

If you haven’t noticed already, I love nature.  Being outdoors and breathing in the air is the most therapeutic thing for me.  And, this beautiful corner of the world that I call home makes it pretty easy to explore.

The tulip fields were seas of color.  Bright reds, deep purples, baby pinks, enthusiastic yellows all blended together cohesively.  I remember visiting this place many many years ago, so coming back and being thrust into the many colors was perfect!

 I saw so many people admiring these beautiful flowers.  Different languages being spoken drifted through the chilly air.  Hardworking people harvested the tulips, preparing to arrange bouquets.  It was beautiful.

I hope from reading this blog, you are inspired to find a pocket of nature that moves you.  It can be a roaring ocean, a growing tree, or a field of tulips.

xoxo, maya

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