Hawaiian Hurricane | Part One

Aloha!  I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last post.  I spent most of my July backpacking in Montana (blog posts coming soon!)  Right now, I am sitting in a hotel room located in the Big Island of Hawaii, looking out on the stormy sea.  In case you missed it, Hawaii is expecting a category 4 hurricane.  You may be wondering, “Maya, why are you writing about this subject? You aren’t a meteorologist.” And yes, that is true. But, there aren’t many articles written about Hurricane Lane by vacationing teenagers, are there?

My family and I arrived in sunny Hawaii just a few days ago.  With the threat of a hurricane looming over us, we were all a little cautious.  Now, I was oblivious to the severity of this matter.  Maybe the rain will limit me from swimming in the pool for a day, but it will all pass.  How wrong was this thought!

We called a seventy year old, farmhouse home for a few nights.  It was in the dreamiest little town called Hawi.  This morning, when I emerged from my slumber, I finally understood that we needed to make changes… fast.

You see, a seventy year old farmhouse is an amazing vacation home, but it begins to lose its charm once you learn a hurricane is on the way.  Too much wind and BAM the roof might blow off.  That’s a no thank you from me.  We made the decision to drive down the hill to a hotel with more structured plans and plans of action.  I sort of snapped out of vacation mode at this point; after all, we packed up all of our food, water, and belongings.  After saying goodbye to the ranch, we took a detour up to Waimea, a sleepy little mountain town.  This helped my mind wander a bit off of the subject of 30 MPH winds.  We then checked into the hotel, and here I am!

If you have any other questions and want the perspective of a tourist, comment down below!  If you are in Hawaii, and just so happen to come across this post, stay safe!  And to everyone out there, please keep the islands of Hawaii in your thoughts!  I will continue to update and write more posts on this subject, so stay tuned.

at the ranch
calm before the storm
packed up

grateful (and a little nervous), maya

One thought on “Hawaiian Hurricane | Part One”

  1. Oh Maya, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope Mother Nature is kind to those beautiful Hawaiian islands and ntomyounand your beautiful family.
    Love, Nan

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