What 2018 Taught Me

Hello you wonderful reader you!  I am baffled that 2018 is coming to a close, so I decided to write about all the things 2018 taught me.  This post is my thank you note to a very transformative year.

Lesson One: Starting off the new year with a vegan, delicious brunch is pretty cool.  Let’s just say that in 2019’s brunch, there will be even more food!

Lesson Two: Creating a blog might be one of the best decisions I made this year.  Being able to share my musings online has inspired me in so many ways!  If you are looking for a creative outlet, I definitely recommend starting a blog!

Lesson Three: One word: yoga.  That’s it.  Try it out sometime.

Lesson Four: Everyday, there is a possibility for a good day.  Don’t let ten or twenty “bad” minutes of your day make it a bad day!  Happiness is a choice you make.

Lesson Five: The month of July was probably the most transformative part of my year.  Long story short, I made lifelong friends, backpacked 20 miles, and finally realized my strength and independence.  If you want to learn more about that trip, you can read my last blog post!

Lesson Six: A busy day is not always the best way.  Sometimes, reading a good book and drinking nice cup of tea is enough.

Lesson Seven: Hawaii is one of the most healing places on Earth… even in the midst of a hurricane.

Lesson Eight: This might be the most generic saying ever, but: Be kind, you never know what someone is going through.  However, it might be the best advice.  No matter what, be kind.  It always, without fail, brightens someone’s day.

Lesson Nine: I heard these wise words very recently, thanks to my mom.  Just because something is difficult, it does not mean that it is bad.  Growth happens during challenging moments.

Lesson Ten: Get excited for what’s to come!  Yes, it is very important to stay present.  But it is very important to take a minute and think of all the sunsets you will see and all the experiences yet to come! 74334CBA-0993-4780-BC5D-2D0513549239FF136701-39DC-4EED-826F-5A51E12575AFCE9804D9-24B3-498E-A48A-AF95F1EC84E7EC34EE75-D185-4121-AF24-D87499C520A26CD328A4-D0CE-4C85-9FB8-095B3065741C3D6CC4B5-230E-4986-B7BA-1F584F8B7E1B990A07DF-8DE4-4440-918E-BA5733F905CE8806ECBA-B39D-4014-BF48-031298111668D19CFB6D-B96B-4706-9892-3E6CB42105CA69E1E5D2-905A-4084-A8BB-67377A794AC4D58B935C-DB8F-434B-9644-EEED9B7B2CDA0B8D90DF-FCEB-491C-AC5D-851220193A9CADF7C4CE-E776-40A5-8730-0382362A18E064558645-93D2-4805-9ED3-A36CBB2A6991E9D7480D-95E0-4D48-8295-DFD1CA97B89CF0B685A4-7A06-4212-B444-39FA3FAD6C27E769143D-78BB-4E4C-A693-CC48F24E17BD1BA98767-291A-4DCA-A62B-F8EA832CCFED47BFCE47-5292-4C7E-ACF3-37B29E6D15737A096F74-BAE6-462E-AB39-7F5C9FDE6420

I wanted to end this post with a little reminder.  I know it’s pretty popular to put all your attention on the year that is approaching and how you’ll change and yada yada yada.  But please, spend these last few days of 2018 reflecting on how you’ve grown.  Just be yourself, and growth will come to you.  I trust that 2019 will teach us all many lessons, but now, let’s stay in the present!!  Above are some of my favorite pictures of 2018 ❤️

grateful, maya | @caringcollective

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