New Years Brunch !!

Hello everyone!  It’s my one year blogaversary!!!!!!  Ok, I just had to get that off my chest before I start.  My first post on this blog was of my New Years Brunch that started off 2018.  Now, I am going to share with you my 2019 brunch.  Last year the whole spread was vegan.  This year, I wanted to make each course a little more personal.  I asked each person attending what one word they would use for 2019.  The words were: prosperity, triumph, unstoppable, fun, peace, and growth.

For ‘prosperity’, I turned my eyes to Southern traditions.  In the south, they believe luck can be brought into your life with three foods.  Cornbread, collard greens, and black eye peas.  For this dish, I made cornbread muffins, hollowed them out, filled them with a black eyed pea purée, and sautéed balsamic kale (hey, kale is like the Pacific Norhtwest version of collard greens right?)

Next up: ‘triumph’.  When I think of triumph, I think of strength.  And red is often associated with strength.  So, I made a strawberry (red) sorbet.  It was reallyyyyyyyy good.  I also made broken chocolate shells which I sprinkled over the plate.  In my mind, the chocolate represents all the dark shadows you want to leave in 2018 while the strawberry sorbet represents the strength you will have in 2019!

For ‘unstoppable’, I made two things: juice and soup.  Unstoppable is associated with health.  I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like freshly made soup and warm soup that makes me feel better!  The juice was a mix of apple-pear-carrot.  The soup was a coconut milk corn chowder.  Pretty tasty.

‘Fun’ was a dish I was pretty excited about.  The main thing I wanted for this course was it to exciting, fun, and delicious!  I made focaccia, cream cheese, and pepper jelly for the savory part and rainbow angel food cake, whipped cream, and lemon curd for the sweet part!  Pretty fun 🙂

When I heard ‘peace’ was chosen for one of the words, I looked up foods that help with peace of mind.  According to google, blueberries are one of the best foods for promoting peace.  I made wild blueberry breakfast rolls with a chamomile icicng.  I chose chamomile because it’s known to be a very calming flavor.

And finally, for ‘growth’, I wanted the dish to resemble a garden.  I filled the dish with a herb filled green goddess dressing and covered it with edible dirt.  Yep, you read that right.  I ground up mushrooms, leeks, and mixed nuts to resemble dirt.  I then assembled roasted vegetables so that they looked like they were growing out of the ground!

If you made it to the bottom of this post, thank you so much!  I am so grateful for this blog and all the ways I get inspiration from it!  Here’s to many more posts in 2019!

grateful, maya | @caringcollectivea23b8498-d121-458a-87ae-3f6282b7c112ce1cc959-5b66-4fe1-bf18-602baf4a177e153d402b-0b0b-4a93-a54d-355485b483b655a43217-c75f-435e-aa85-e7cbafae42d2b943af6f-616e-4ec8-99de-bab65ab8f9d138d1f15e-85dc-4980-82eb-9eef8f5c953e7ca98ce6-7822-4bb2-894b-826d1bbd5ef1b917de00-7f78-47cc-95df-b19d297e9732d41e0cc2-aac6-46a0-a40d-f8cb70d3ae3a4e7b791e-1c9c-47ac-b142-e79db8836d13ac883db7-377f-422b-b88f-e14cb591833879ed27ea-9500-40a9-a9e6-ba7d5f24a80640c93980-b068-42bf-9a93-d43c88800483727eff76-3b4c-4509-a4fd-e49ed3753cf413c52454-f4bd-475a-86b7-56646efd11a1d489a15b-f228-4e3d-8855-227426720344a7aa50dc-d1eb-42c3-9b7a-2eae09400945d313b5e5-c438-4619-8364-a90db9f688bb802bbbf3-9905-4567-ac9d-b26ae8810c7d6e8e3603-623d-4005-9730-ff6a41923999af400d76-386f-4190-9288-5581e9f24a8730be0e60-4cc6-4a79-a952-a001260b83d816e3455e-daf3-4f84-b6b6-55a8aa801a19a8d7c2ca-029d-486d-a118-bfe693040df6

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